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Ground Moths

[3/28/11 2:02:13 PM] Chloe Dykstra: I was a genius
[3/28/11 2:02:18 PM] Chloe Dykstra: and also entirely inhumane
[3/28/11 2:02:30 PM] Chloe Dykstra: I poured water on it so it couldn't fly
[3/28/11 2:02:31 PM] Thomas Mannino: haha you can't be humane to moths
[3/28/11 2:02:47 PM] Chloe Dykstra: and then I captured it and took it outside and put it on my doorstep
[3/28/11 2:02:56 PM] Chloe Dykstra: This morning it was still there and limping
[3/28/11 2:03:06 PM] Chloe Dykstra: But I did some physical therapy
[3/28/11 2:03:12 PM] Chloe Dykstra: and it's walking fine now
[3/28/11 2:03:25 PM] Chloe Dykstra: Physical therapy consisted of me making it walk with a sheet of paper
[3/28/11 2:03:40 PM] Thomas Mannino: how considerate
[3/28/11 2:03:42 PM] Thomas Mannino: it will never fly again
[3/28/11 2:03:47 PM] Chloe Dykstra: YES IT WILL
[3/28/11 2:03:56 PM] Thomas Mannino: nah, once their wing powder gets wet they are fucked
[3/28/11 2:03:57 PM] Thomas Mannino: it's now a ground moth
[3/28/11 2:04:01 PM] Thomas Mannino: ever hear of a ground moth?
[3/28/11 2:04:04 PM] Thomas Mannino: no you haven't
[3/28/11 2:04:05 PM] Thomas Mannino: cuz they don't exist
[3/28/11 2:04:12 PM] Thomas Mannino: because ground moths all get eaten by cats
[3/28/11 2:04:14 PM] Chloe Dykstra: Well it's either that or it starves to death behind a vase
[3/28/11 2:04:19 PM] Thomas Mannino: delicious, delicious ground moths
[3/28/11 2:04:30 PM] Chloe Dykstra: fuck your ground moths
[3/28/11 2:04:31 PM] Thomas Mannino: so you damn it to a fate worse then death all because it chose to cross you
[3/28/11 2:04:39 PM] Chloe Dykstra: I DID THE BEST I COULD
[3/28/11 2:04:47 PM] Chloe Dykstra: WITHOUT A MAN IN THE HOUSE
[3/28/11 2:04:49 PM] Thomas Mannino: you know who did the best he could? hitler
[3/28/11 2:04:52 PM] Thomas Mannino: hitler was a ground moth
[3/28/11 2:04:54 PM] Chloe Dykstra: my mom
[3/28/11 2:04:58 PM] Thomas Mannino: hhahahaha
[3/28/11 2:04:59 PM] Chloe Dykstra: hahahahhaaha


It's a sphinx moth.
Hey you, no commenting on our blogernet posts without saying hi to me! I miss your chats!
Chats you say...? ;) I'll bug you on Facebook next time I see you. How goes the gaming business?
It's horrible. Ever since I met Chloe, she ruined my life. All I do all day is hide from her and she throws her dog at me it's horrible send help ogod she's coming