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Day 4 of Slow Carb Diet:

I want bread.

No, but really. I'm sure I'm being overdramatic but, fuck, the THINGS I WOULD DO FOR A FUCKING PASTRY.

Anyway. One more day and I get my awesome Cheat Day, where I could eat the world and it wouldn't count.

Not allowed milk, sugar, bread, carbs, anything fatty. And today marks the beginning of "Shark Week", as my friends and I call it, so I'm all chubs and it feels like I've been suffering for nothing. Hurry, Sunday. Please come soon. I don't know how much longer I can hold out.



How does Mystery Beer Night at Good work into this diet?
What's with the crash diet? Doesn't sound like the healthiest thing in the world to me.
I get that you're a model and everything, so maybe it's pointless to argue, but... I've had too many friends force themselves into diets which made them miserable, and they always revert back to their previous eating habits. I believe that a better solution is moderation or slowly easing yourself off of the more unhealthy foods and giving yourself a treat every once in a while. Denying yourself and then allowing yourself to gorge later actually has the opposite effect of what you want: when you starve your cells, they grab onto any calories that they are given and store it for later, so you won't lose weight that way; you may actually gain instead.

That and I also worry for people who focus a lot on weight control because some people close to me have eating disorders, because they have low self-esteem and extreme standards for themselves, so they're very hard on their bodies. It's hard for them escape and love themselves for the awesome people that they are. So I hope to nudge friends off that path before they get stuck.
Skittle breath!!!!!!!!!

Make a pizza.
Low carb diets still exist?

Bread is hard to give up

I keep going back and forth on this, working up to doing it full time. Dairy and breads are hard to give up but cheat day is lots of fun!