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[nph fairy][bedizen]

Pictures soon. For now...

Yes I was fucking bored okay


This was entirely enjoyable. Also stop being so gorgeous, I really can't handle it.
I had to stop watching at 24 seconds because I can't watch people throw up. It's a thing with me.
You're cute, but you're in London, girl go out and party!
haha! that was fun.
ps good editing skills. i've never been bored to the point of being productive!
This is why I love you.
That was actually a pretty good video. Most people are so boring when mouthing covers to songs, but you can totally feel the vibrancy and happiness radiating from you in this.

Also, stop being so beautiful plz, it makes looking in the mirror difficult. *violins*
Lol, why so bored? xP


My town!

You should totally go to Shebeen Chic and The Twisted Pepper, if you can find them.